John N. O’Neil, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist in Minnesota | Clinical, Health and Forensic Psychologist


Licensed Psychologist Yorktown Offices
Edina, MN


Thank you for visiting my site. I am a clinical, health and forensic psychologist in private practice, providing psychological assessment and treatment to adults. In addition to providing assessment and psychotherapy to persons experiencing mental health issues, I specialize in providing psychological assessment and treatment of adults with obesity, and consultation to physicians and other health care professionals. On this site you will find information related to my training and experience.

My office is located in the Yorktown Offices with free parking right in front of the building. If you’re interested in contacting me to arrange an appointment, please call my office voicemail at (612) 223-7103.

John N. O’Neil, Ph.D. License # LP4307

John N. O’Neil, Ph.D.
License # LP4307